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Brian Graham

Monitoring & Maintenance


BCS Energy offers each of its customers an easy to read web-based monitoring system that provides real time progress details so you can see exactly what your system is doing on a daily basis.

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With our on line monitoring system BCS can remotely monitor your system performance and in the case of a system alarm provide a timely service call to check the problem and provide a repair, minimizing your system downtime.


Today's solar panel are very reliable pieces of equipment with typical warranties of 20 - 25 years and a service life greater than 35 years. Cleaning of your solar panels is the single biggest way to maintain optimum production The panels are more efficient when they are clean, so a regular cleaning of one to two times a year with a non-abrasive cleaner can improve system integrity and performance.

With our annual monitoring and maintenance package you will be assured that your system is operating at it's peak performance and maximizing your return on investment.

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