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Brian Graham

Tomorrow's Energy Today

BCS can show you how:

  • Your home, farm or business can earn a stable income over a 20 year FIT contract;
  • You can earn money now and save money in the future on your energy costs;
  • You can be part of the movement of change occurring in Ontario away from our dependence on fossil fuels and "dirty energy";
  • You can participate in a more responsible approach to energy production while increasing the solar infrastructure in Ontario and supporting much-needed manufacturing and employment here at home;
  • You can help transition Ontario's electricity generation by decentralizing our energy supply while at the same time reducing our CO2 emissions and minimizing our carbon footprint for our children's future.

Our Mission

To promote and support the opportunity for change in producing tomorrow's energy today by means of responsible and ethical renewable energy solutions.

Affordable, Sustainable, Energy Options

BCS Energy Inc. is passionate about renewable energy and how solar PV can help you reduce your utility bills and your dependence on centralized electricity supply. We offer grid tied and net metered solar solutions for agricultural, residential and commercial customers and as well off-grid systems for cottages, camps, remote locations.

Our line-up of products also includes “Do It Yourself Kits”, and solar yard and sign lighting. With a wide range of products to meet your needs, we offer affordable options for you to maximize your investment while at the same time minimizing your environmental impact.